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Budgalong Lodge – Mountview Camp


Budgalong, Spicers Creek is a luxury safari style lodge that embraces the wilderness while idolising the Australian country lifestyle. Featuring two tented camps, Budgalong offers guests the ability to experience a slower pace of life in an environment that facilitates a space to relax and rejuvenate.

Established as a working farm in 1959, Budgalong is a third generation family owned and operated farm. The farm consists of four properties, Budgalong, Bungiebomar, Fairfield and Mountview, inspiring the names of each camp.

Budgalong farm runs sheep, cattle and cropping across 7000 acres of native and improved pastures. Since establishment, the farm has worked towards continuing to improve and conserve the land for future generations.

Spicers Creek is a historic gold mining village located 30 minutes from Wellington and Gulgong and 45 minutes from Mudgee and Dubbo. Spicers Creek is now known for its family-orientated farming community.

Budgalong Lodge, a celebration of our love for the land. Our journey begun generations ago when the first seeds were planted on Budgalong soil. It was here, our love for the land and commitment to continuously protecting and preserving it came to fruition.

Growing up on the farm, surrounded by the wonders of the Australian outback, we came to cherish the untamed wilderness that lay at our doorstep. It was a childhood filled with exploration, where every corner revealed breathtaking views atop rugged mountains, endless encounters with native wildlife and a sense of freedom that knew no bounds.

But as we grew older, we realised that this experience, this connection to the land, was something truly special, something that should not be taken for granted. And so, our vision was born to share this experience, creating a luxury tented camp that embraces the wilderness and idolises the Australian country lifestyle.

We look forward to welcoming you to Budgalong, a place to reconnect with nature, to slow down and savour the simple joys of life. Here, amidst the chirping of birds and the rustle of leaves, find rest from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Sleeping Situation
Bedroom 1
1 King Bed
Bedroom 2
1 King Bed
Family Friendly
Luxury Stay
Off-Grid Stay
Romantic Stay
Shampoo / Conditioner
Shower Gel / Soap
Bedding / Towels
Board Games
Books / Magazines
Heating and Cooling
Ceiling Fans
Kitchen and Dining
Bowls, Plates, Cutlery And Drinkware
Mini Fridge
Outdoor BBQ
Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Furniture
100% Use of Green Power
Energy Efficient Lighting
Enviro-friendly Cleaning Products