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Build community resilience, sustainability & give back.

1% for the environment

Farmer Stays advocates for climate action and creating a greener future for all, 1% of profits are donated to not for profit organisations leading the way in environmental conservation and empowering Australian Farmers to implement a regenerative agriculture journey.

What we believe in


We are connected to food provenance, the creatives behind it all and the critical role farming plays on our environment


We are driven to inspire others to live sustainably and protect our environment; to be a company that gives more than it takes


We embrace the power of collaboration, sharing knowledge and working as a team to achieve amazing things

We are passionate about authentic Australian farm stays hosted by leading Australian Farmers, Producers, Traditional Owners, Food Artisans, Brewer Masters, Cider Makers and Wine Makers, to name a few.

Connect to the origins of what you eat

Learning about where our food and drink comes from brings great joy; it’s a great way to discover new food and drink straight from the farm gates, that equals zero food miles.

Just as the farm is busy growing its produce, you grow too as you learn how the farm came to be and the behind-the-scenes of the produce. As consumers, we have enormous power, we can prioritise our wellbeing and our environment by choosing sustainably produced food and drink.

Meet the brave and bold farmers

Meet the characters and learn about their backgrounds and why they farm as a living or lifestyle choice. Some of our people are fourth or fifth generational farmers, others are leading the way as first generation farmers. Hear about the wide range of environmentally sound practices and philosophies that benefit the land, produce better quality stock, food, and wine to name a few. Enjoy the fascinating stories first hand from the farmers and entrepreneurs behind the farm gates.

Australia is home to one of the oldest living cultures in the world; you can learn from our indigenous people where to find Australia’s traditional native bush foods and discover Australia’s best kept culinary secrets that date back some 65,000 years ago.

There is a saying “The people make a place” and there is something extra special about meeting the people behind the food and drink that we enjoy so much.

Discover your environment and sustainable living

Breathe in the fresh air, dance in the open spaces and be surrounded by natural beauty whether you are staying along the coast, in the bush or in the outback, the scenery in Australia is second to none stunning.

Farmer Stays are advocates for climate action and creating a more sustainable future; how we farm plays a critical role in reducing our carbon footprint, protecting native wildlife and vegetation.

Explore the raw beauty of regional and rural Australia

Exploring regional and rural Australia is an adventure like no other. There’s plenty of characters out bush with stories that should be getting written up into movies, wildlife you didn’t know existed, unforgettable star gazing and the opportunity to experience Australian farm life in it’s element.